After resetting logon password couple of times with help of different linux forums again I was unable to recollect steps to reset password for my “Linux Mint 14” logon in last week when I needed to reset it. So I decided it will be good to write down steps somewhere which will help me to recollect easily when needed.

So here we go..

1) At start of booting up hold down shift key to bring up GRUB loader Menu. The screen will look like below –


2) As shown above, out of options present on screen, Use up and down arrow keys to select option ending with “recover mode” and press “e” key to bring edit parameters.

3) Find line starting with ‘linux’ and go to the end of line and modify line as below


Before modification –

linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic root=UUID=[letters and numbers]\[letters and numbers] ro recovery nomodeset

After Modification –

linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic root=UUID=[letters and numbers]\[letters and numbers] rw init=/bin/bash

4) Press “CTRL + x” or “F10” which will proceed with boot process as per latest updated file.

5) An command prompt will appear in some time and which you can use to set new password as below –

# passwd yourusername

# Enter new password : <New_Password_Here>

# Confirm new password: <New_Password_Here>

6) Restart system

Note: For restarting system at the end you can try different options eg:- reboot, CTRL+D etc. If none of the option works for you, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE which should restart machine and if again GRUB Loader menu screen appears select first  option “Linux Mint” and press enter which will proceed with normal boot process.

7) After boot process finishes it will prompt you for user name and password. Enter just created password with username and  thats it..!!!